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Configurations and prices

Do you need to know the prices of specific instrument? Do not hesitate to contact us!

We have not sold any two devices in the same configuration yet - and we are proud of that. We approach each customer individually and adapt the instrumentation very sensitively to his needs. Our aim is to recommend an instrument that is precisely tailored to the customer needs, regardless of whether it is an infrared, NIR or Raman spectrometer or a microscope.

The final price depends mainly on:

  • instrument type (microscope / spectrometer, FTIR / NIR / Raman, handheld/portable/benchtop)
  • use of instrument (correct choice of detectors, beam splitters, radiation sources, laser, etc.)
  • measurement modules (transmission, reflection and ATR units, optical probes, autosamplers…)
  • other accessories (sample holders, microscope stage inserts, objectives, sample preparation kits and others)
  • necessary software packages - required functions for work with the instrument and evaluation (OPUS software packages for microscopy, reaction monitoring, particle analysis, etc.)
  • necessary spectrum libraries (FT-IR / Raman libraries, complete / specialized databases)
  • warranty lenght, service contracts, etc.

We will be happy to prepare a quote for FTIR, NIR or Raman spectrometer or microscope tailored for your purposes. If you are interested, just fill in the contact form and we will get back to you.

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