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BRAVO Next-generation handheld Raman goes ID

Our handheld Raman BRAVO is well known thanks to its unmatched spectral quality comparable to benchtop instruments. With SSE patented algorithm for mitigation of fluorescence and patented DuoLaser technology (two inbuilt excitation lasers), the wide spectral range of 3200 - 170 cm-1 is reachable, even without fluorescence artefacts in spectra. This wide spectral range covers both; C-H vibrations as well as vibrations of heavier atoms. Moreover, both lasers have low power to not damage your sample. BRAVO moves the lab in your hands to the desired location and offers the most effective analysis.

New units are delivered with brand new software OPUS Touch. With this intuitive design it is prepared for in situ identifications with up to 20.000 spectra loaded inside BRAVO. With our large databases and unique spectral quality of BRAVO, the in-situ identification has never been that efficient.

ID workflow:



The next generation handheld Raman spectrometer for ID and QC/QA