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Bruker announces new acquisitions in the field of Raman spectroscopy!

We are excited to share interesting news about upcoming extension of Bruker's portfolio in the field of Raman spectroscopy and microscopy. In recent weeks, Bruker launched several acquisitons of highly innovative producers to complete the range of available instruments.

Acquisition of Tornado Spectral systems

In january 2024, Bruker announced the acquisition of Tornado Spectral Systems Inc., a Canadian company specializing in process Raman instruments, primarily used in pharma and biotech quality control applications. Tornado, with over a decade of experience in innovative and industry-proven Raman solutions, will enhance Bruker’s biopharma PAT portfolio with its well-established products. 

Tornado’s proprietary product, the Process Guardian™, which offers superior performance for RAMAN biopharma process applications (Photo: Business Wire)

Acquisition of Nanophoton Corporation

One month later Bruker annonuced  the acquisition of Nanophoton Corporation, a pioneer focused on advanced research Raman microscopy systems. Headquartered in Osaka, Nanophoton offers a broad portfolio of advanced Raman microscopes, serving academic and industrial research customers, primarily in Japan. This acquisition fills a gap in Bruker’s molecular microscopy portfolio, and Bruker is looking forward to offering fast, flexible and sensitive Nanophoton Raman microscopy systems worldwide for research and development in the life sciences, biopharma, advanced materials, semiconductors and polymers.

The Nanophoton RAMANtouch™ high-speed Raman microscope allows the simultaneous measurement of 400 high-quality Raman spectra for high-resolution spectral imaging (Photo: Business Wire)