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New ALPHA II FTIR spectrometer

Small footprint, great possibilities

In october 2017 Bruker launched the latest generation of our smallest FTIR spectrometer ALPHA. ALPHA II keeps the successful rugged housing, compact dimensions and modular design - it is possible to easily plug-in the given sampling module and simply measure in all conventionally used modes of FTIR spectroscopy on one instrument – ATR, transmission, specular reflection, external reflection and DRIFTS.

QC and identification with even more reliability

Thanks to thermally stabilized DTGS detector and improved IR source CenterGlow, ALPHA II achieves improved spectral quality. Therefore it is an unique tool for quality control, identification of unknown compounds and quantification.

One-click analysis

Significant innovation is possibility of implementation of new, user-friendly software OPUS TOUCH. In combination with attached touch-screen and incorporated PC, it allows intuitive operation and evaluation for even untrained users.