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We are very excited to introduce you our important customers - companies, research institutions and governmental institutes. We highly appreciate your trust in our work and devices.







"We have been cooperating with colleagues from Optik Instruments for several years. Since then we have expanded our laboratories with the second instrument from their portfolio. Both instruments are an irreplaceable tool in quality control and development of coatings and building materials at Rokospol."

Ing. Aleš Matoušek, Ph.D., R&D



Pharmaceutical companies



“Hand-held Raman spectrometers are essential instruments in the pharmaceutical industry for substance identification. It has been almost five years since we introduced the Bravo Raman spectrometer, and I really appreciate not only its contribution to our analyzes, but also the great co-operation with Optik Instruments specialists. " 

Šárka Dominiková, Laboratory Specialist

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Universities and Research Institutions





"The proximity of Optik Instruments and CEITEC is not only determined by the physical distance, but also by the ongoing co-operation in the development of FTIR spectroscopy technologies. Bruker FTIR spectrometers are used as standalone instruments, as well as parts of complex analytical apparatus. Recently, thanks to joint efforts, we also launched a new tradition of FTIR and Raman user meetings. Last, but not least we highly appreciate the possibility of methodological consultations and fast service interventions.”

RNDr. Alois Nebojsa
Research Infrastructure Specialist


Governmental Institutions